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18 Day Kenya Safari


In 18 days, we visited Nairobi, lake navaisha, Masai Mara, Nakuru,Samburu, Ambosseli, and Mombasa. Masai Mara, Samburu, and Mombasa were definitely the highlights of the trip. This is our trip itinerary that includes our major stops and experiences at each place. Hope this can help you plan your safari trip in Kenya. Key notes: WIFI is very limited in East Arica. So, getting a local sim is essential if you want to stay connected. Laundry service is very cheap in many places, unless you stay in upscale luxury hotels. You definitely need it when on a safari trip. ATM is widely available in Nairobi and Massari and has a good exchange rate comparing to local money exchanges. You do need a guide/driver to visit national parks, per the regulation. In general, the guide will ask you pay all or at least partial of the cost in advance. Choose one with a good reputation.